About Me

Hi! My name is Emily Park, and I'm a junior at BOHS. This is my third year in the GITA program and I'm currently learning about animation with Flash. I'd like to major in computer science in college, as I enjoy working with computers and creating programs and animations.

At the moment, my academic goals include maintaining straight A's in my classes, getting 4's and 5's on all AP exams that I take, and getting high scores on the SAT I and II tests. I would also like to continue to get involved with activities both inside and outside of school.


My Projects

Click on the images below to view a recording of my projects, and click on the titles of the projects to download them! Some of my projects are websites, which can be viewed by clicking on the image.

Avatar Webpage

For this project, I created my own avatar and made a webpage to introduce it.

Avatar Greeting Card

For this project, I created a non-animated greeting card for my avatar. I invented my own holiday, "Happy Give Your Dog a Treat Day!


For this project, I made a day to night animation that features the avatar I created.


For this project, I created a tribute to a video game I played as a child.

Hello Pugs

Check out this project to view a video game in which the player, a ninja cat, combats against baby pugs who have invaded the earth!


I created a tutorial on how to make egg rolls!


In this project, I added sounds to objects that will play when they are clicked on.

Child's Game

I created a game that focuses on developing memorization, coordination, and cognitive skills in children.


I incorporated collision detection, scoring, randomness, and reversal of the direction of an object in this game of pinball that I created.


I used what I learned about arrays, collisions, sprites, and timers to make this helicopter game.

Bullet Bounce

I made a game in which your character is a cake and you must fire bullets at your opponent to win. This project utilizes arrays, collision checking, and parameters.

Final Project: Rilakkuma Bounce

This is my final project for GITA 3! In this game, you play as Rilakkuma and your objective is to collect strawberries, avoid obstacles, and defeat opponents along the way. I used what I learned throughout the year, including AI movement, key presses, arrays, and timers.


Contact Info

Email : emilykumap@gmail.com
Phone : (714)990-7850
Address : 789 N Wildcat Way, Brea, CA 92821