The Introduction

Introducing "Baby Pugs from Hell!" In this game, you will be a ninja cat battling against a group of mutant "Baby Pugs" who have invaded the earth! Both you and your opponents will be equipped with weapons, and you all have your own unique strengths and weaknesses.

The Details

How to start the game : Click on the red arrow on the home page to begin playing!

Goal of the game : To defeat the baby pugs using weapons and defenses. You will know you have achieved this goal when your opponents vanish and they reach a health level of 0.

Player's Weapons : Boxing Glove, Ninja Star, Sword
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Opponent's Weapons : Arrow, Bat, Bullet
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Play Progression : Upon entering the game, you will encounter the enemy baby pugs. You will then proceed to battle.

Activities : The main activity in this game is the battle between you and your opponent. Use the environment to blow up your foes!

Rules : Each weapon can only be used by the player once.

Conflict : The player must defeat the pugs. If the player loses the level, the pugs will take over the earth!

Decision Making : The player can control the weapons that the ninja cat uses as well as the movement of the ninja cat.

The Characters

Ninja Cat - Your Character!

Pug - Your Opponent!

The Weapons

Arrow - Reduces health of the ninja cat by 10.

Barrel - Defense for the pugs.

Bat - Reduces health of the ninja cat by 25.

Bow - Used with arrow.

Boxing Glove - Reduces health of the pugs by 10.

Bullet - Reduces health of the ninja cat by 10.

Crate - Hiding spot and defense for the ninja cat.

Ninja Star - Reduces health of the pugs by 25.

Rifle - Used with bullet.

Sword - Reduces health of the pugs by 10.

Wood plank - Can be used by player to view opponents from a distance.